Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press

Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press

The filter press is used for solid-liquid separation of various suspending liquid in intermittent pressure filtration. Filter plate are pressed by pressing devices and suspending liquid is pumped into the filter chamber. Solid particles and liquid are separated through filter cloth.

Product Features

Main Features of the filter press

1. Laboure saving:

All the operation could be worked by the machine; one worker can supervise several machine’s working.

2. Efficiency:

Fully automatic operation, with a short working cycle at each process, helping you increase the production capacity.

3. Long lifetime:

The beam is made by best carbon steel and not easy to out of shape, filter plate is made by good PP material and can bear high pressure.

Application and After-Sales Service

The filter press is widely used in mining, food, pharmaceutical, oil, solid-liquid separation industries. Detailed as: ceramic, gelatin, edible oil, chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, leather tanneries, sewage treatment plants, sugar, fertilizers, Petro chemicals. Many oil plants, such as rapeseeds, cotton seeds, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and palm kernel, etc. Medium and small oil refinery, oil mill and private oil squeezing workshop.

Provide filter press installation files, technical data and related soft copies or videos et

Warranty: 36 months for the machine after delivery.

Filter plate

Function: to install filtering medium and ensure filter press can filter normally work at rated pressure

Material: New reinforced polypropylene material;

Working (filtering/ blowing) pressure and temperature: customized based on your requirements

Handles: wear-resisting FRPP, the handle is together with briquette;

Feeding: central feeding;

Discharge: close discharge and cake washable.

Hydraulic station

Function: to provide pressing power and ensure oil cylinder open/close and manipulator normally work

Makeup: oil tank, oil pump system, manifold block, hydraulic valves, oil pipes, pressure displayer and driving system.

Max oil pressure and Rated pressure: customized based on your requirements;

Control System

PLC adopts Siemens products, and reserves DCS remote network communication interface, which can be remotely controlled by Party A. The electrical components adopt Zhengtai Electric to ensure the stability and reliability of the electronic control system. The controls between the components are interlocked to avoid malfunctions and losses due to misoperation. The electric control cabinet is spray-treated and the protection grade is IP55. The proximity switches are all made of Omron waterproof electromagnetic switches. The system should be able to achieve the following functions: start and stop of the feed pump, pressurization of the filter press, feeding, holding, pressing, pulling, suspending, unloading and start and stop of the belt conveyor.

The PLC program sequence automatically controls the press valve to open, close, and unload. The flange standard with the filter press is made according to GB9116-2000-PN1.6MPa.”

Pulling plate system

The pulling plate system is driven by variable frequency motor. The inverter adopts TEDA series products. It can detect the current and running speed of the motor by itself during the running process. When the filter plate is pulled, the inverter automatically detects the overload signal of the motor, and the signal is used to control the pull plate. The forward and reverse of the device completes the automatic pulling process, and the design of the pulling plate program is carried out in advance through the PLC. The running speed of the pulling plate can be adjusted at any time, the technology is mature and reliable, the failure rate is small, and the hydraulic system of the filter press is reduced three times. The complex commutation and power conversion reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic system and improve the operational reliability of the equipment. The variable frequency motor can be arbitrarily adjusted between 0 and 400 Hz. The puller string is sealed with a closed cassette.

Process flow

Rack adopts optimized design, made of high-quality carbon steel welding, sprays the PP powder, and the melted PP is attached to the rack. The beam is made of hot rolling steel bridge and adopts the elimination of internal stress treatment. Mechanical descaling ST2 level, namely the two primers paint, two finish paint. Filter plates material used reinforced polypropylene (corrosion-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, salt-proof, non-toxic, tasteless, temperature can be reached 120℃). The filter plates can withstand the pressure of 25 Mpa. Filtration pressure can reach 1Mpa. Hydraulic system uses fine boring sealed tube. Precision: IT7 level; electro-hydraulic control system: machine – electric – hydraulic integrated design.