Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press

High Pressure Program Controlled Membrane Filter Press applied international advanced TPE diaphragm technology. Enduable, stable, universalizable and widely used in various industries. Materials squeezing by water pressure or compressed air, the pressure could up to 0.8-2.0 MPa. Variable filter chamber technology is widely applied on solid-liquid separation to reduce the water content of material and extremely improve the production efficiency of chemical, pharmacy, mining industries.

Product Features

Membrane squeezing make the filter cakes more drier than chamber filter press.

Automatic plate shifter discharging for labor saving.

Siemens PLC control.

Hydraulic pressing for good sealing effect.

Short processing cycle time.

Application and After-Sales Service

Membrane Filter Press are widely used for the solid-liquid separation process in the industrial of mineral processing, petroleum, chemical industry, dyestuff, metallurgy, medicine, food, coal and carbon, inorganic salts, alcohol, light industry, textiles, environmental protection, energy and so on.

Provide filter press installation files, technical data and related soft copies or videos et

Warranty: 36 months for the machine after delivery.

Process flow

Rack adopts optimized design, made of high-quality carbon steel welding, sprays the PP powder, and the melted PP is attached to the rack. The beam is made of hot rolling steel bridge and adopts the elimination of internal stress treatment. Mechanical descaling ST2 level, namely the two primers paint, two finish paint. Filter plates material used reinforced polypropylene (corrosion-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, salt-proof, non-toxic, tasteless, temperature can be reached 120℃). The filter plates can withstand the pressure of 25 Mpa. Filtration pressure can reach 1Mpa. Hydraulic system uses fine boring sealed tube. Precision: IT7 level; electro-hydraulic control system: machine – electric – hydraulic integrated design.