Rotex Gyratory Screen

Rotex Gyratory Screen

Rotex gyratory screen is a new screening equipment. Its structure is simple, stable operation, fully enclosed structure, dust-free dyeing, anti-blocking, anti-adhesive mesh. In particular, the screening of materials with strong hygroscopicity, high viscosity, easy plugging and sticking is more obvious. Due to the principle of gyratory vibrating screen, the dynamic and static ratio of the equipment and the basic dynamic load are effectively reduced. The screening effect can be achieved 95% to 99%.

Product Details

Rotex gyratory screen

1. Circular motion at the feed end

The gyratory movement at the feed end can quickly complete the material’s spreading, stratifying, separating and moving forward across the full width of the screen surface.

2. Changing to elliptical motion at center

The long-stroke elliptical movement can enhance material stratification, improving the screening capacity and sieving effect of near-size particles.

3. Straight line motion at the discharge end

The linear sifting motion at the discharge end has almost no particles jump vertically, which ensures that the material is in constant contact with the screen surface.

Product Features

1. Super large capacity and high screening accuracy, suitable for industrial continuous screening.

2. The effect of anti-clogging screen mesh blinding is good. Especially suitable for the screening of materials which are easy plugging and sticking the screen mesh.

3. Screen service life is long. It is 5~100 times than the ordinary vibrating screen.

4. The soft running does not damage the particles original structure of the material.

5. Two types of screen tensioning spring clips and screen side-pull mode. Easy to remove and replace the screen.

6. It is not easy to generate static electricity, especially suitable for the screening of materials those are flammable and explosive.

7. Totally enclosed structure, no dust, low noise to 70 decibels.


Rotex gyratory screen is widely used for screening silica sand, fracturing sand, calcined petroleum coke, activated carbon, graphite granule, urea, chemical fertilizer, chemical, quicklime, fireproofing powder, metallurgy powder, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, sugar, salt etc.

After-Sales Service

1. What are the main products of us?

—All kinds of sieve machine and filter equipment.Such as rotary vibrating screen, tumbler screen, gyratory screen,filter press and leaf filter etc..

2. What is the product warranty?

—Two years warranty, we provide permanent technical support.

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—Sure! We will arrange suitable package, choose reliable freight forwarder and apply insurance for every goods. These measures can max. Guarantee safe and secure delivery of products.

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